About Rajasthan Jeep Club

The Rajasthan Jeep Club was established on 15th August 2018. Today the esteemed club is celebrating its first year of completion and existence. Last year the club was formed with the purpose to provide a common platform for all the off roaders. On investigation it was found that since Rajasthan is a desert state at its core, hence it will be best fitted to provide an outlet for off roading to off roaders in Rajasthan through the Rajasthan Jeep Club in order to experience a new level of adventure and thrill.

RJB is a friendly club open to all makes of road-going 4×4 vehicles. We offer a range of relaxed, sociable, off road driving events throughout the year for you to enjoy. Where possible we will combine off road driving with camping/caravaning and other social activities. Our events are set out to be none damaging and members drive to and from the events.

With this club all the off roaders have not only been brought together but have also found a way to truly enjoy and make the most of their passion for off roading. The club has only three aims which motivates and drives the club towards excellency. Aim one being to expand themselves geographically. Aim two being to provide its members with utmost thrill adventure and satisfaction. Aim three being to expand themselves quantitatively as well.


Our mission is to organize as many off Roading events as they possibly can; to train new and budding off roaders so that they can be one of a kind off roaders; to provide proper direction and guidance for its off roaders members; to organize innovative and thrilling events to attract and engage its off roading members so that they can enjoy their love for the sport as much as they want; to publicize and give visibility to Rajasthan Jeep Club and off roading sport as a whole.

To organize training sessions for the new and old both kind of off roaders in order to groom the new off roaders and polish the already smiled off roaders.


The club was started with a handful of people but only after an year of its conception the club has grown incredibly. Now the club has a vision to expand itself geographically and quantitatively with 1000 members by year 2020. Geographical expansion includes international expansion as well and also includes the inculmination of international standards in its dealings, events and organisation. While quantitative expansion includes increase in the number of off roaders associated with the club.